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labor day and the sky is gray and the air is chilly and the rain is incessant. it is 1:30 and i'm still in my pajamas. i'm downloading the new version of AIM which is silly because i hate AIM and also they will come out with a new version in about 20 minutes. but oh well. i'm taking a break from cleaning my room. i decided to clean my closet.......and after i finished listening to jewel pieces of you and u2 rattle and hum, i got all the clothes folded/hung up, all the shoes lined up, and all the crap on the other side spread out in piles around me and on the shelves. meanwhile, back in my room.....

but i've got to finish it because it makes me hate being in there to have it so messy. i have two laundry baskets of clean clothes, one containing nothing but light blue polos, navy blue shorts, blue socks, and twin-size sheets that no longer are sandy. (i can't believe 3 weeks later i haven't emptied that laundry basket.) and there are piles of books and papes everywhere. my rice application, my oberlin application, my rochester/eastman application, my peabody application that wants an essay on my most important musical experience. no-brainer.....yet how to write it?

i've had a series of interesting dreams the past few nights. friday night, i dreamed that interlochen was a circus training camp. it wasn't really at interlochen, but it was definitely interlochen. and i was training to do the flying trapeze. it was pretty sweet-- i climbed up this ladder and then swung down this trapeze. then i rode this crazy bike thing around the tent.

saturday night i dreamed i was on the cross country team again and we trained in the halls of some random high school. and we ran through the rain. it was trippy.

last night i dreamed about robert....we went down by the lake but it was this weird lake in my uncle's backyard. it had strange scary creatures in it and it was really more like a stream. the creatures looked like sea anemone or those weird singing seashells in the little mermaid. the sun was setting so the trees and water looked really pretty then i went back to stone which was really the cafeteria at my elementary school to get dinner and they wouldn't give me food even though it was sitting right there in front of them because it was after 6:45. so i went to the salad bar and the lunch ladies yelled at me and chased me away and when i went back outside with the stolen salad i couldn't find robert.

now to go hang out with my cool friends baermann, klose, rose, and weber!
i think i'll assign my mood to jo's favorite lj mood
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