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silly frances

Big Lindsay is here with me for the weekend because of stupid frances. We think he was teased as a small tropical storm, because he has a sissy name. I'm not dead yet, YAY! The weather is crappy with a capitol C though. ARG. Got some bio reading to do. MOM is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess it will be nice to go back to school, then she won't be able to bug me about my room. Yes yes, its a titty bit messy, but who's isn't? besides lindsay's) on the yay side, no school again tomorrow thats three wonderful non-school days. Yay for poopy weather that doesn't kill us. Sure, as soon as we all get our stuff in our room and organized, we have to haul it all out again b/c of FRANCES. Stupid. Ever notice how stupid is such a funny word? hehee just makes me laugh when I look at it. on yeah, what about IVin? who names theese hurricanes and who tormented theese people as children. They must have some repressed anger. Oh well, at least it wasn't my parents. OK i better get to throwing away some stuff or no dinner for me and no hair for mom, surley I will pull it out if she keeps this up. LOVE U GUYS
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