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hey all

ahhhh. so i'm at eastman...and it's wonderful...though i keep comparing it to interlochen.....i don't's hard to fin a clique in college...i'm sure it will change since it's only my 2nd day, AND i JUST talked to pete! ahhhh.....
but i miss you guys soooo much...and i keep thinking of how amazing it would be if you were all here.
anyway...i have to go i don't practice at night and get raped...haha
NIC- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! ahhh i'm sooo proud of you! you're gonna have the time of your life at're like me last year except that you actually get to go, which is amazing!
MEGAN- thank you sooooo much for the pics! they're MUCH better than mine came out. sorry i haven't been able to talk to you sooner! I didn't forget!

I love you all and miss you and think of you every day.
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